About CraftKari

The story of Craftkari is one of creativity, initiative and evolution. The group started out in 2008 as a small gathering of girls experimenting with different forms of Indian craft, supported by Manzil, a non-profit learning center based in Khan Market. After experimenting with stitching, abstract drawing, and many other artforms, they began focusing on quilling- an ancient practice which involves rolling, shaping and gluing strips of paper together to create decorative designs. The craft was introduced to the girls by Indira Gulati, a co-founder of Manzil, after she gained skills during a visit to Calcutta. 

Our Products


A beautiful bunch of budding flowers crafted with 100% recycled paper. Use it to adorn a gift or to ..

This pretty stem n’ leaf gift card is crafted with 100% recycled paper. Use it to adorn a gift or to greet your loved one’s!

Carry Bags

Our pen holders are truly precious! Fun and oh-so-colourful, they are sure to brighten up your desk…


Hard to believe they’re made from paper? Our pretty double ring hoop earrings are light as a feather, water-proof and crafted with a unique quilling design. 

Our Happy Clients Reviews

Cox and Kings

“It has been wonderful partnering with Craftkari for 6 years. I testify their  commitment, quality and  deliverance.”

From: Anuradha, Senior  General Manager, Cox & Kings.


” We have been sourcing gifts for our events and high profile visits from Craftkari for some time now. Everyone loves their products! It is amazing to see the creativity and thought that makes each one of their products stand out. 

Indus Action

Craftkari Artwork is absolutly amazing and Team is so dedicated and hardworking.