About Us

The story of Craftkari is a story of young women entrepreneurs. It is a story of creativity, initiative and grit.

We started out in 2008 as a small gathering of girls who were experimenting with different forms of Indian craft. The initiative was supported by Manzil, a non-profit learning center based in in New Delhi.

After experimenting with several artforms, we began focusing on quilling, an ancient global art. Quilling is the delicate art of rolling, shaping and gluing strips of paper together to create spectacular decorative designs.

We enjoy quilling because of the freedom of artistic self-expression it gives us, through unlimited use of vibrant colours and shapes. Over the years, our products have developed a distinctive style.

In 2015, the tragic demise of our leading partner Himani, was a huge setback. We were  determined overcome this loss and build a sustainable partnershipOur young women’s team at Craftkari has been investing time and patience to bring out fabulous notebooks, a range of greeting cards, wall hangings, art, jewellery and utility items like pen stands and keychains. The team conducts meticulous research for ideas, availability and sourcing of the right raw material, whether it is handmade paper, jute or other up-cycling materials. 

Our work can be seen at craft melas like  Dastkar, Dastkari Haat, Blind School, Sunder Nagar, School PTMs of Sriram, Step by Step, College fests and is retailed at  the Non- profit organization AADI. Corporates, individuals and online platforms are our valuable stakeholders. 

We are committed to achieving our goals and sharing our skills. We aim to include more women in sustainable opportunities. Persistently and patiently we quill to build our lives and support our families. We are grateful to all our mentors and supporters who have enriched our journey with their time, network and skills.

Craftkari’s Vision

The vision of Craftkari is to create equitable and  sustainable opportunities for women empowerment and  entrepreneurship through handmade crafts.
The aim is to inspire and share skills with  more women.  We believe  that if equal opportunities are given to women they can  be valuable partners in building a  better and just world.